Managing my Well

“I honor your gods, I drink at your well…”

So starts the Druid vow of friendship.

Water is what an actual need looks like. It is essential. It is something that we Canadians often take for granted, especially living on the coast and over looking the Atlantic. Water is a thing that seems unlimited in the city, magically flowing without limit from the spigot when we turn the tap. We rarely have to think of it as a precious commodity. But it is.

I live in a very rural area surrounded by forest and ocean. Except for electricity I would be considered almost off the grid. I have an oil tank and a wood stove for heat in the winter, windows that open onto sea breezes for cooling in the summer, a septic system to handle waste water and a dug well for water. Because the well was dug 150 years ago, it is not a deep drilled well. Stacked stones, cut and placed by a long dead mason line the walls of the well. In the spring, the water level is just a few inches below my feet. As summer plods on in the heat and sun, the water level drops. It is only with being judicious with my usage that my well has not run dry. I budget my water carefully, plan my activities like others may plan their social calendars.

Others are not so fortunate. Even in Canada, there are areas of drought, people with no potable water and others with more people in their homes to share out the water. In other parts of the world, desertification is taking hold of land, water availability is a race or social class issue. Some countries, like Pakistan, deal with knowing that other countries could literally divert their water source, leaving them in a vulnerable or deadly situation. Others, like areas of South Africa, are allowed less water each day per household than I use to flush my toilet just once.

As I chose each day to either have a shower of wash a load of clothes ( but not both, One or the other) I am made aware of the element of water, it’s properties and benefits to each of us as individuals. For me, at this time of year, it is the most revered of elements.

I celebrate my wealth by sharing it with the crows. The bird bath holds fresh water. When we use our resources wisely, we have enough to share.

I hope that everyone who may read this has a glass of water to drink. I hope they can flush their toilet and wash their clothing and bathe their children. I hope they know how incredibly blessed and rich they are.

Bright Blessings,


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