Watching the world wake up

I have two incredible pleasures in life. One, I live surrounded by wilderness and two, I am an early riser.

I fell asleep to the loons calling to each other last night while the rain thrummed lightly but steadily on the roof. The air cooled and the fresh clean sheets hugged me to sleep. I woke to the sporadic hum, not of the neighbors air conditioner but to the hum of a small female humming bird just outside my open window. The air was moist and still and very fresh. At 5:30, there was no traffic across the bay, no crunching of gravel from visitors to the graveyard. Just peace. Looking out the window, a doe silently stepped her way across the grass, eating the shrubs at the edge of the lawn. Fortunately, Sybil didn’t spot her or the the calm would be shattered. Robins sang their territorial songs and the occasional crow rapped out a few lyrics.

While I have these riches to enjoy, I can’t help wonder how long it will last. The planet is changing at a rate that seems unstoppable. Plastics are now forming their own geological layer, oceans are rising, ice is receding, species are going extinct. Consumers are still buying disposable clothing and things that they don’t actually need. “Influencers” are flying places that they don’t need to go simply to boost their ratings. Diet gurus are peddling an earth destructive diet of meats and fats. On top of that politicians are threatening each other with nuclear annihilation, governments are tear gassing protesting populations and the leaders that are being voted in are flaunting their ecological, humanitarian and fiscal irresponsibility. And they are still being VOTED in!

As the natural world wakens to the new day, Millennial’s tout the ” Be Woke” mantra. It is more important than ever in human history that Be Woke is more than just a mantra. It is vital to live and ACT on being woke. It is Vital to VOTE. It is vital to change to a more sustainable diet. It is vital to stop living an Instagram/Twitter/Facebook life and physically get out and advocate for a more woke change.

Wake and do what is important.

But don’t forget to listen to the birds.

Bright Blessings,


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