Boycotting Alabama

Where I am, I can not make my voice heard. I am an old woman in the middle of the wilderness. A grave injustice has been committed against the sovereignty of a woman over her own body by a gang of penis wielding politicians. I’m not there. I can’t vote. What I can do is boycott. I refuse to buy anything from Alabama. If you have an etsy shop and you are in Alabama, I will not buy from you. If you are selling a thing that I want on eBay, I will find something else in another state. I have instructed the movers to bring my furniture a slightly longer route to avoid Alabama. They will not buy gas there, eat at a restaurant there, stay at a motel there. I will no longer go through the state while vacationing. I will look up which musicians are from Alabama and not buy their music. I will not buy any books from Alabama, not even murder mysteries. I will encourage my politicians to avoid products made in Alabama.

I hope that others will follow suite. Perhaps if the Alabamaians loose enough business, they will realize that there is a world of dismay at their stance on abortions. Perhaps they will get angry at the dicks who passed this law.

In the mean time. I hope the women of Alabama refuse to have sex with men and the men who are uspet by this law refuse to have sex with women.

One thought on “Boycotting Alabama

  1. This law makes me sick, I literally feel we are moving towards a world, like in the handmaid’s tale. How do men who do not even understand obstetrics make these decisions! We need to abort them from office and I am boycotting AL as well.


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