Full Moon Friday

Today is the Wind Moon and it is living up to it’s name. Living on the Atlantic Ocean means that the house rattles in the strong winds. Rollers come in from the open water, broken by the tiny islands at the head of the bay.

Being a witch living next to the ocean makes it easy for me to keep track of the moons. Even in the dense fog, the tide speaks of it’s relationship to Lady Luna. As I walked Sybil down the path between the old church and the graveyard the other day, I saw the devastation that Poseidon and Luna wrought on the spirit road. It was washed away into the ocean. I’m glad that the old church is still responsible for the road. I don’t need the expense of earth movers, trucks of boulders, shale and gravel, workmen and culverts.

For those of you who may not live with a cemetery in your front yard let me explain about the road. Early in Canadian history, churches were built and cemeteries were started adjacent to them. Sometimes the cemetery was practically on the church doorstep but more often than not the cemetery was separate from the church yard. The coffin would be carried from the church to the cemetery to the open grave, either by six strong relatives or by horse drawn hearse. The road between the church and the cemetery was called the Spirit Road. It is a barrier between the dead and the living where spirits find themselves confined to the boundaries of consecrated ground. Walking along this road often feels different from just walking along the path.

And so tonight, in the driving wind and rain, on this full moon night, I’ll go down to the shoreline and sing pax to any spirits that may be disturbed by the destruction. I’ll put my hand into the ocean and send hopes for peace to it’s inhabitants. I’ll kiss my hand times two to the moon as I was taught many many moons ago. Then I’ll take my battery lit torch ( flashlight to you kids) and head back up the hill. Tonight will not be a night for candles of long rituals.

Whether this is your wind moon, flower moon, pashel moon, good Friday or just the start of a long weekend for you, I wish you peace. May your heart be as full as the moon.



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