Women’s Day as a Solitary Witch

For the last several Women’s Day’s, I have donned my pink pussy hat, my Women’s Rights are Human Rights Hoodie, changed my hiking boot laces to my special rainbow ones and joined in on the Marches. I’ve listened to the speeches, signed petitions and have reveled in the power that being surrounded by so many women creates. It’s been like a giant coven of 13 thousand (plus!) raising energy and consciousness. Powerful and empowering.

So it’s understandable that this year, snowed in, not even getting mail, not seeing another female save for the dog, that I woke feeling the lack. Lack of women, lack of femininity, lack of community, lack of celebration.

But as all of the sisterhood does, I take that lack and turn it into a challenge, a gift.

I am ALONE! I can wear my PJ’s all day. I can light the fire in the hearth and set up my easel. So many ideas immediately channel surf my brain.

Statement pieces. Collage. Painting. Vignette. Sculpture.

Messages. Women chained. Women Freed. Women’s dubious role in mainstream religion. Sex. Motherhood. Mother Earth.

The power of creativity is something that women own. Whether it is creating a child, a home, a work dynamic, a relationship or art, women have internal power.

So, this Women’s day, as I sit at the kitchen table in my pink p.js. with my pink pussy hat, with my “concepts for Creativity” sketchpad open and my bundle of pencils sharpened, with feminist shows streaming in the background, I will celebrate my sex.

I am proud to be a woman. I am proud of my accomplishments. I am proud of the years that I have marched, the political causes I have supported, my strong, compassionate, feminist son and my strong, independent, caring daughter.

There is so much more work to be done. There are STILL stores with rhyming names that did not sell pink wool when an orange man gained power lest it be used to create hats. There are STILL religions that denigrate women as the cause of evil. There is STILL a massive wag gap between men and women. There is STILL under-representation of our gender in all branches of the governments that govern us. There are still laws being passed to deny us the rights of our own bodies, which endanger our well being and our choice

But I am snowed in so I will create Art. It won’t be sellable art. It won’t be a pretty landscape or a well balanced abstract entirely lacking a statement. It might end up being garage art*. As I create my art, I will send my power to my sisters who are marching, who are listening to empowering speeches and to every other sister who, like me, is alone at home, unable to join the throngs.

You have Power. Find it and Nurture it because that’s what we women do.

Happy Women’s Day, Sisters.

*Garage art is art which I create that doesn’t quite work out. It’s lines are too sloppy or it’s colours are unintentionally muddy or it doesn’t convey the meaning that I wanted it to. It is relegated to the garage walls. Remind me to tell you about my haunted garage some day.

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