Why a Witch?


I was asked a question yesterday by an older christian lady. “Why do I call myself a witch? How can any intelligent person believe in witchcraft and hocus-pocus?” My first reaction was anger because she was passive- aggressively calling me stupid; my next was to laugh. Bear in mind that this person openly and verbosely believed in god- an invisible, omniscient un-provable entity with ultimate power over every aspect of her life and afterlife, who cared if she wore a dress to church or said dammit. But I didn’t laugh because that would have been rude to our hostess.

Instead, I pointed out that prayers and spells are kissing cousins, all gods/goddesses are all part of one being, that I connect to the feminine aspects of Deity, that religions evolve and shift according to the society in which they exist and I have chosen not to hand my personal power over to a man god or his minions. Oops. I hit a nerve there, didn’t I.

For a few thousand years, men have told women what to do, what to believe and their place in the human and otherworldly hierarchy. At the top of the pile is a man god. He hangs out (or not, depending on the flavour) with son-god and angel dudes. His priests are guys. His churches/synagogues/mosques etc. are run by owners of male genitalia. Sorry (not sorry) to be rude but you have to admit that I am right.

Their holy writ tells women that they are inferior. Blame is ultimately woman’s. There is even a passage in the bible (1 Corinthians 14:34 if you care) that tells women to not speak in church and to be submissive. What are they afraid that women might say? What would happen if we were to tell the men to shut their mouths and cower before a female goddess? Would men meekly go along with it?

What about the pantheons before the Abrahamic religions? When Goddesses were revered and high priestesses conducted rights? When the ability to grow life in ones womb was seen a special and not just a woman’s dangerous lot in life? There were still gods because both male and female were acknowledged as being valuable but they co-existed with goddesses. How about now? Where are the Goddesses except in Craft and some eastern religions?

Exactly how are those man religions fairing? Just Jim-dandy if you are a man but not so Jane dandy for the ladies. Religion is used to subjugate women, to under-value their contributions, to control their thought processes and deny them equal rights. Man religions go to war, abuse children, make women wear tents or arguably worse, polyester 2 piece skirt suits on Sunday and denounce everyone who is not made in their own image.

I am reminded of a saying of Pat Robertson, an infamous american TV evangelist (a pox on all TV preachers. May their personal jet planes all be built on a Monday after a long weekend) He said, ” Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” Of course, he was wrong. My children are still alive and well . Frankly, if a man is abusive, leave him. Capitalism is destroying the planet so stop buying into it, and how do you women know that you are straight if you’ve never tried to make love to a lady? Question everything. Doubt everything. Investigate. Think. Determine and choose.

I know that this post comes across as militant feminist. I get that way when the pot calls the cauldron black. So I ask her and all of her ilk right back: How can any intelligent woman buy into the mangod religions. How can anyone with an iota of common sense not see it all for what it is: a power play used to control half of the population. How can any woman see her children abused by priests or mutilated in the name of their faith and still think that a god who allows that and turns a omniscient blind eye to it is a god worthy of veneration?

So yeah, I am a witch who believes that I can exercise personal power over my life and I can draw on the energies of the universe. I’m okay with you believing in your choice of deity as long as it is actually your well determined and educated choice. You go ahead and rock your personal faith; just don’t mock mine.

Until women everywhere deeply question the nature and gender of their deity, there can be no equality in either the heavens or the earth.

Rant done.

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana.

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